Hello there, I'm Stu; I'm a guitarist, songwriter, author, filmmaker, and collaborator. Above all, I love to get alongside people and see them flourish.
I'm passionate about following Jesus and have been attempting to do so for over thirty years. I'm really interested in how transformational faith, Jesus, and God's Kingdom intersects with the here and now. 

I was part of a rock band called Delirious? from 1994 - I had the job of a lifetime, in a rock band playing to millions around the world.

Then, in 2009 it all ended and it turned my life upside-down. What I realized, in that upside-down place, is that there are so many voices that don’t get amplified, so many stories that don’t ever get told. 

I was used to life with a microphone in front of me, and I realized that maybe I could do a little good with that microphone. I could carry that microphone all over the world and amplify the voices that have taught me so much about God’s presence.

The Sermon on the Mount has always been my favorite piece of the bible, and I began to explore The Beatitudes; these announcements of blessing for all whose life doesn’t following their instructions.

What if rather than a quick fix, the blessing looks like “presence”? What if when you find yourself in the upside-down, the blessing is that God is on your side?

I’ve sought out a community of songwriters, artists and everyday people whose stories, and voices give us a glimpse into what the invitation of the beatitudes might look like in the twenty first-century.

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The Beatitudes Project eCourse is something I've created because I am passionate about helping you explore the meaning of the Beatitudes. Learn how to live out these teachings wherever you find yourself right now.