Live Life the Jesus Way

Inside the heart of every believer is the desire to be transformed and be a change-maker in their world.

What do we do when life follows a different trail than the one we’d hoped for?

When life turns upside down, and we hit the end of our rope, we want certainty and answers. What God offers us is presence; He is with us in our chaos, pain, and busyness, inviting us to transformation - Divine Presence is the blessing of The Beatitudes.


You want to make a change, but have you ever wondered where to start?

For Jesus, it all started in Matthew 5 with the Beatitudes. In these verses is the invitation to a different way of being - the invitation to live life the Jesus way.

It is in the Beatitudes we find hope, discover a way forward in brokenness, experience God's presence in our pain, learn to engage across differences, and receive the gift of peace instead of busyness and striving. Jesus' words in the Beatitudes are still relevant today; the wisdom inside these verses continues to change lives two thousand years later.

Out of this journey through the Beatitudes came an album, a book, a documentary film, poetry, art, and more.

Gabe Lyons

Author & Founder of Q Ideas

“With clarity and compassion, Stu takes us on a journey into God's upside-down world. Don’t read this unless you are ready to be wrecked for everything God loves.”

Matt Maher

Artist, Songwriter & Worship Leader

“This project is about a community of people coming together to draw the church's attention back to probably the most revolutionary thing that Jesus said.”

Shauna Niequist

New York Times Best-selling Author

"This project is lifting people up, it's empowering others to discover talents. It is story after story of hope, and I can’t think of a more timely message."

What is The Beatitudes Project?

The Beatitudes Project is an invitation to transformation - inspired by the words of Jesus in Matthew 5, through stories, music, and art. Discover the wisdom of life the Jesus way through a collection of some of the most influential, yet diverse, individuals and voices in the Church today


The 20 track album featuring headline worship artists from all over the globe. Taking each Beatitude and transforming the words into a song; scripture brought to life with melody & rhythm. 


This book explores each Beatitude, turning things on it's head to see the unexpected beneath the understood. Full of the Good News of The Beatitudes and helping you contextualise them today.


This impactful 10-part teaching series introduces us to a range of different individuals. As we learn from personal, powerful experiences, we begin to unpack what The Beatitudes could mean for our own lives.


Packed with additional extras; The Beatitudes Project is accompanied by workbooks so that you can document your progression and development, work sheets, music sheets and more...

Get started today

We have created this 10 week eCourse because we are passionate about helping you explore the meaning of the Beatitudes and learn how to live it out wherever you find yourself right now.


Beatitudes Project Podcast

For all the latest insight and discussion, join Stu G with co-host Brian Miller. Together they will explore the ancient invitations in the Beatitudes and apply these announcements in a modern setting.

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