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The Beatitudes Project eCourse


Meet Your Teachers...

Amy Grant

Michael W Smith

John Mark McMillan

Joel Houston

Amanda Cook

Shane Claiborne

Martin Smith


Rabbi Joseph Edelheit

Becca Stevens

Ian Morgan Cron

Plus more: David Gungor - Jeremy Courtney - Becky Harding - Darren Whitehead - Anthony Skinner - Daniel White - Sam Polk - Leslie Jordan - David Leonard - Al Andrews - Terrian Bass - Scott Roley - Tangie Lane - Riyad Al-Kasem - Audrey Assad - Hassan Al Zoubi - Charles Robinson - Darren Whitehead - Jennifer Clinger - Becca Stevens - Regina Mullins - Dorris Walker - Gaile Owens - Sami Awad - Todd Deatherage - Robi Damelin - Daoud Nassar - Hillsong United - The Brilliance.

Discover The Beatitudes Over 10 Weeks

Explore the meaning of the Beatitudes and learn how to live them out wherever you find yourself right now.

Live Life the Jesus Way


Pay What You Feel

Comprehensive Teaching Series

Over ten weeks, worship leaders, musicians, theologians, pastors and business leaders will walk you through The Beatitudes; exploring and unpacking the application for our lives today.

Featuring: Matt Maher, Joel Houston, Amanda Cook, Shane Claiborne, Propoganda, Michael W Smith, Amy Grant, John Mark McMillan and many more...

Tools To Track Your Growth & Development

Your weekly worksheets and study handbook will enable you to retain the valuable insight and ensure your path to improvement as you progress through the eCourse.

Beatitudes eBook Included: 
An In-depth Exploration

A full digital download of the complete book is included for each student. Plus, as part of the eCourse, each week you'll be shown relevant, helpful extracts from the book.

Pete Greig

PETE GREIG | Leader of Prayer 24/7 & Author
"This is a unique exploration and application of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount. It’s a reflective, disruptive memoir, beautiful and quietly incendiary—a book well written by a life well lived."

Amy Grant

AMY GRANT | Singer & Songwriter
"I've loved exploring the Beatitudes in this book, making friends and discovering their stories along the way. I have read these well-known words of Jesus in a whole new light—as announcements of kindness, mercy, peace, and His presence for us all. You will love it!"

Live Life the Jesus Way


Pay What You Feel

Theology Chats To Gain Deeper Insight

Ten conversations with Brian Miller and Stu G, unpacking the meaning of the Beatitudes and analysing what we can learn from the discussed themes today.

Learn Through Music with The Beatitudes Album 

Included for each student is a full MP3 download of 14 inspirational tracks created in collaboration with Stu G and some of the world's best known worship artists. 

Curated Playlists for Personal Worship

Worship playlists that mirror the theme of the week and assist in embedding the teaching. Continue your learning on-the-go through these bespoke arrangements. 

Bespoke Meditations to Frame Each Week

10 unique reflective audio experiences that will inspire and bring clarity.

Live Life the Jesus Way


Pay What You Feel

Artwork To Remind & Inspire You Each Week

Painted by Cory Basil and Jimmy Abegg, these smartphone wallpapers will remind you of your weekly learning wherever you go.

Re:imagine Through Poetry

Poems that bring a bring a distinct and fresh insight to the Beatitudes.

Repurposing the words of Jesus and translating the disruptive message of the Beatitudes into modern parlance & tone. 

Inner Transformation Through Prayer, Liturgy & Action

Weekly prayers, liturgy & actions to create a new spiritual rhythm in life whilst you grow & process your learnings. 

Bonus Interviews    

Two hours of thought-provoking interviews; conversations inspired by the themes in The Beatitudes with renown thought leaders. 

RABBI JOSEPH (The Beatitudes Project/Sermon)
SHANE CLAIBORNE (Death Penalty & Prophetic Imagination)
TERRIAN BASS (Black Lives Matter)

And many more...

Learn In Community With Others

Collaboration is key. We all need each other. In the collaborative spirit of The Beatitudes Project, we have created the Beatitudes Community, where you will have access to a unique forum of like-minded individuals.

The Beatitudes Project eCourse

Unlock the disruptive teachings of Jesus

✓ The Beatitudes Project eCourse - All ten weeks of this film series with accompanying resources.

✓ Acoustic Songs - Three alternate, stripped back arrangements of the Beatitudes tracks.

✓ Artwork - High resolution copies of the original series artwork.

✓ Beatitudes Poetry - Access to words of poetry inspired by the course and faith in action.

✓ Unedited Interviews - Two hours from selected contributors speaking into subjects and topics inspired by the Beatitudes.

✓ Community Group - Access to our Beatitudes Forum, a community of like-minded individuals

RRP $169

Five Options: FREE | $16 | $69 | $169 | $1,069

Pay What You Feel


John F | California

The Beatitudes Project is amazing; each week I had a better impressions on how I can live faith out better in my life. I feel I have been provided ways to live more like Jesus.


Sandra | London

The teaching, music and curriculum blended together perfectly to give a complete picture of how “blessed” we are to always have God’s presence in every situation.


Patrice | Georgia

Moving, touching, & thought provoking, with music that stays with you and a changed heart that aches to do something more. Inspiring & heartfelt content. 

Perfect for Groups

With our 'Pay What You Feel' pricing structure, everyone in your Groups can decide how much they pay, including a free option.

Pay What You Feel

10 Weeks

20+ hrs of content broken into ten weeks to allow easy access and methodical application

Teaching Content

Engaging content taken from powerful feature film, packed with stories of transformation.

Track Progress

Workbook supplied to allow easy reflection and development with clear next steps.

Intuitive Platform

All content on one platform, enabling immediate access for any user of any ability.

A Note From Stu G

The Beatitudes Project has been a passion of mine for many years now. I believe in the power of these words and that they are still changing lives two thousand years after Jesus spoke them.

I want to help unlock these announcements of Jesus so that together we can find ways to put faith in to action in our broken and divided world. Please join me in this inspiring course as we seek to live differently through the lens of The Beatitudes.

Are you ready to be surprised, disrupted and motivated? 


Pay What You Feel